Our mission


Our mission is to provide high-quality and reliable products for people in need of healthcare. We do this by continuously exploring innovative technologies that positively impact patient care and environmental sustainability.

Our vision


We aspire to be the global leader in generic pharmaceuticals. We can build on a strong foundation of leading technology and a heritage of sustainable and world class operations. Combined with our global sales footprint, we will realize strong value creation for our customers and shareholders and be the best positioned company to become a global leading pharma-house with focus on the regulated area and a significant footprint in the rapidly growing Asian/Chinese market.

Code of Business Conduct


Our Code of Business Conduct lays out the principles that guide us in everything we do to help us to provide high quality and reliable products for people in need of healthcare. That’s why DSP has a clear and strong philosophy to be responsible for people, planet and profit simultaneously. We feel a responsibility to all our stakeholders, our employees, customers and suppliers, shareholders, and society at large.


The DSP Code of Business Conduct has an umbrella function for, among other things:

  • Trade Control Compliance
  • Competition Law Compliance
  • Code of Conduct for Information Security
  • DSP Safety Health and Environment Policy
  • DSP Supplier Code of Conduct


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